Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ins and Outs of Seattle

I have flown so many times into Seattle but beyond the Pier and the Aquarium I hadn't seen much of it.  So my daughter decided to show the goodness around Seattle.

Seattle is usually so rainy they say, but I must of hit the best sunniest 4 days to be there.  We headed to the beach.  It was a very small beach, but extremely clean. I knew the water was chilly when no one was further than a foot from the shore. 


Then off to the famous locks.  
Under the locks you can see the large salmon trying to go up the locks

From a suggestion of a co-worker we headed for Snoquimia Falls.  They were beautiful. 

Randi said while we are on the road why not Leavenworth (2 hour drive).  Leavenworth is a Norwegian town that beyond the beautiful paintings on the outside of the buildings pretty much looked like any resort town.  It was beautiful and the drive back was even more beautiful. It was fun to go in and out of shops.
Dinner on the balcony. 

The next day we decided to see the sites in the neighborhoods around Seattle, Magnolia, and Queen Anne. 
Off to Discovery Park.  It was a beautiful picturesque view of Seattle.  We strolled through the Park that overlooked the bay and up to the lighthouse. 

We drove over to Gasworks Park.  It was an old Gas Refinery, made into a beautiful park overlooking Lake Union and Seattle.


I think I got way to close to Lake Union.  Randi wanted to show me her secret spot to see the lake, I didn't see the rebar that someone had put in the sand and down I went.  I knew I hurt myself, but it was funnier than just being hurt.  Randi was really concerned, but we ended up having a nice laugh from it. 

I had heard about this guy at work and I didn't even say anything to Randi, she just drove me up here, so it must be a popular spot to go to.  This one is for you my husband since you talk about Trolls under bridges, here is the first one I saw.

That night we went to a block art walk where my son-in-law had to get into the kids' act of chalking on the street.  Of course it was a love letter to my daughter.

The next day we headed for Brian's home city "Gig Harbor" to fish, and who showed up was a good friend of mine, Tina, she lives in Aberdeen, WA which was two hours south of where we were, but she made it up there to see me and enjoy the day. First we picked blackberries for everyone.

 Then off in a fishing boat to go claming, and oystering (is that what they call it, I don't know)

Randi taking a little snooze on the boat. 

Tina left and went home and we went to the ferry dock and took the ferry into Seattle.  It is always fun to ride the ferry. 

The next day, after a bowl full of blackberries, my body shut down and so we stayed in most of the day, but by 3:00 we headed for a nearby farmers market, that really didn't seem like any farmers market I know of.  Seattle people are so into the retro.  Anything from a garage sale from any old house is their thing.  I also have never seen flowers so cheap.  So a big bouquet of flowers to the wonderful owners of the house we were staying in.  When we got home Randi gave me a fashion show of all the retro clothes that she got over the last couple of weeks. 


 This was my favorite, a beaver skin trimmed coat.  It was gorgeous!

That night was a good seafood banquet and a quick trip to the pie shop. 

Thanks my darling daughter for a week full of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!